118 Submissions!

Submission for talks has closed. Thanks to the large number of submissions, we were able to pick from a wide variety of topics and speakers. Unfortunately, it was not possible to accept everyone. Congrats to all shortlisted candidates. You make a difference to our event! For those who have not been selected, don't give up! Please try again next year.

Here are some sneak peeks on our topics:

  • Bringing Artificial intelligence to the edge

  • Python in production engineering @ Facebook

  • Hypothesis: Property-based Testing for Python

  • Addressing Class Imbalance in Machine Learning

  • PyLadies and Importance of community participation

And we have talks GAN, Django,Haystack,Slackbot and many more!

Get your tickets now at Ticket Melon : https://www.ticketmelon.com/thaiprogrammer/pycon2019 before 7 June 2019 at 600baht (students), 1,600baht(subsidized) and 3,000baht(regular). Price includes the 2 day conference, lunches, coffee break, and a saturday night party! A big thank you for all our sponsors who make that happen.

For more information about other talks, check out : https://th.pycon.org/en/talks/


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