Monty Python quiz

The Monty Python quiz has been published!

To refresh your memory, here are the titles of the breaks:

  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • Dog Kennel
  • Spam, Spam, Egg, Bacon and Spam
  • Cycling Tour
  • Ministry of Silly Walks
  • Fish Slapping Dance
  • Exploding Penguins on TV Set
  • Lumberjack Song
  • Salmon Mousse
  • Machine that goes "Ping!"
  • Ni!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify some details of the context of those references.

Here is the quiz for Day 1, and another quiz for Day 2.

Give it a try and win fame and fortune ;-)

Ready for the first PyCon Thailand?

We hope you are as excited as we are to kick off Thailand's very first PyCon!

  • Come along to our pre-conference Fri warm-up event tonight from 6:30: Free pizza and you can invite your friends as there are still spots left
  • There will be a extra PyLadies event aimed at promoting diversity at 7am tomorrow (Sat) - Please see to register.
  • Registration opens from 8am, with the first keynote at 9am -
  • bring your ticket either on your phone or printed to speed up registration
  • if using a student ticket, bring your current student id (local or international)
  • There is free parking but not enough for everyone, we recommend BTS as Saturday morning traffic can be bad:
  • see -
  • Lunch, morning tea, afternoon snacks, water, coffee/drinks will all be provided as part of your ticket.
  • You will be out late tomorrow. The official party starts from 7pm. -
  • remember, all ticket holders get a free PyCon T-shirt, so you don't have to bring along an extra shirt!
  • Pizza and 1 free beer is included
  • If you are attending workshops on Sunday, remember to bring your laptop and power adapter.
  • WiFi will be: KX_T_Event: user:kx16kce password:whun16
  • If using social media please use the hashtag #pyconth. Please blog/FB/tweet etc away.

Join Code War event!

We have enough teams competing but not enough audience on friday 6:30-10pm!

RSVP via

Please join us for some light entertainment and free pizza and non-alcoholic drinks. Code War a light hearted event many enjoyed at BKK/Hack last year and each PyCon Australia conference.

Come along to watch, or bring your laptop to play along with the teams on stage. Or join the qualification round and see if you are faster than you think?

Correction to the rules: you will be allowed internet.

You don’t need a PyCon Thailand ticket for this event

Don't miss out on the PyLadies Breakfast on Saturday!

Sat, June 16th from 7:30 - 8:30 am on Floor 10 of Knowledge Exchange Center (same location as the PyCon)

Mingle, exchange ideas and enjoy a delicious breakfast with other individuals who share the same interests. The event aims at women (cis and trans) and non-binary/genderqueer people attending the conference but men are also welcome as a “+1” guest of an attendee. The breakfast takes place Sat, June 16th from 7:30 - 8:30 am on Floor 10 of Knowledge Exchange Center (same location as the PyCon) and is organized by Newlogic.

Pls register here:

Can't wait to see you there!


PyCon Sat Party

After the last talk on Saturday there’s no time to waste — come to the official PyCon Thailand Party!

We’ll have free pizza and drinks (first drink free — soft drink, water, local Thai beer, or local Thai rum!) about 7:30pm. Afterwards we have 3 great electronica-style live performances lined up for you including the infamous Kijjaz who is one of the most sought-after keyboardists playing for all the top pro acts but has a private passion for programming music with microcontrollers and will be creating a special performance just for us. Headlining is DCNXTR which is Thailand’s best electronica act — both innovative and quite danceable at the same time — hard to find that combo and you’ve experienced nothing like their music. Opening is Orbital XX, one of Bangkok’s best up and coming electronica acts to kick it all off.

Sure to be something for everyone to enjoy and the venue has plenty of places to hangout and talk more quietly across its four floors of space if you prefer that. Come check out Silom, a great part of Bangkok and get the best sampling of Thailand’s indie music scene that you’re ever likely to find.

Full Details and how to get there on the PyCon Official Party page

Tickets sold out!

We're all sold out! Massive thanks for the overwhelming response! If you didn't manage to grab a ticket this year, we hope to see you next year.

Volunteer Recruitment

The PyCon Thailand organizer team is looking for volunteers to help us on both days of the event. The roles that are opened are listed below.

  • Session Chair

The session chair will be responsible for organizing tasks in the session room. The tasks include:

  1. Introduce the speaker. Keep it simple. Only name, where they're from and talk title.
  2. Check the clock and notify the speaker for Q&A session.
  3. Help the speaker disconnect everything as they leave the stage (microphone, laptop) and make any last announcements (next talk, break, etc.)
  • Session Runner

The session runner will be responsible for preparing the speaker for the session. The tasks are as follow:

  1. Find the speaker and make sure they're in the speaker lounge 15 mins before the talk.
  2. Get them ready by checking their laptop and other equipment.
  3. Brief the speaker on what to expect onstage.
  4. Bring the speaker into the session room and help them set up.
  5. Hand off to the session chair.
  • Registration

People at the registration desk will be responsible for welcoming the attendees, registering them and handing out the souvenir. This role is shift-based, so it is possible to choose between morning, afternoon or both.

If you're interested please register here. We're looking forward to work with you!

Venue info posted

We've gathered some info about accommodation and transportation, including how to get to the venue from the airport, where to get a SIM card (at the airport!), and where to stay. All the mentioned places are in a list of Google placemarks.

There are plenty of options, from 350 baht (just over US$10) to one luxury hotel at around 7000 baht (more than US$200). At least 10 hostels are within 10 minutes walking from the venue, with both dorms and private rooms.

The venue is directly on the BTS (Skytrain) line, so it's also possible to stay closer to the city center. We have some placemarks for Siam and Sathorn as well.

There are also plans for some exciting social events that we'll announce as soon as everything is finalised.

Looking forward to see everyone!