Friday Warmup Event: Code War

Eight teams, onstage knockout rounds of short programming bouts, loud crowd, mildly impressive prizes. Any language allowed, no holds barred. Think of it like cage fighting for coders.

We guarantee this won’t be mind twisting problems for algorithm heads. It will help to have a team with a mix of skills, a clever and/or intimidating team name and vocal cheer squad.

For example: “Here is the complete text of Pride and Prejudice from this URL. Be the first to print out the 7th and 25th sentences that contain both ’Elizabeth’ and ‘Darcy’“.

Come along to watch. Come along to compete. Come along to just hangout and meet others. Bring your laptop if you want to try the questions from the audience.

Qualification is 7pm. Will form teams after. Don't be late.

Pizza is provided!

Rules of the Game

  1. One laptop per team. You will be live coding up on the big screen.
  2. Any programming language you want as long as your IDE has a large font size.
  3. Teams are min 3 people, max 5. Don’t have a team? We will find one for you.
  4. Qualification round (7pm sharp). First 8 correct submissions are in.
  5. Head-to-head knockout rounds to determine the final winner.
  6. To win, a team has to have the answer on screen, generated from code, and announce it as the answer.
  7. After 20 minutes the judge can: - award the win on points, - decide to extend, or - decide to call a dance-off as tie-breaker.

The judge's decision is final.


At the venue, Knowledge Exchange, level 13.


Friday 15th June 6:30pm-10:00pm (Qualification is 7pm. You can form a team after)

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