Volunteer Recruitment

The PyCon Thailand organizer team is looking for volunteers to help us on both days of the event. The roles that are opened are listed below.

  • Session Chair

The session chair will be responsible for organizing tasks in the session room. The tasks include:

  1. Introduce the speaker. Keep it simple. Only name, where they're from and talk title.
  2. Check the clock and notify the speaker for Q&A session.
  3. Help the speaker disconnect everything as they leave the stage (microphone, laptop) and make any last announcements (next talk, break, etc.)
  • Session Runner

The session runner will be responsible for preparing the speaker for the session. The tasks are as follow:

  1. Find the speaker and make sure they're in the speaker lounge 15 mins before the talk.
  2. Get them ready by checking their laptop and other equipment.
  3. Brief the speaker on what to expect onstage.
  4. Bring the speaker into the session room and help them set up.
  5. Hand off to the session chair.
  • Registration

People at the registration desk will be responsible for welcoming the attendees, registering them and handing out the souvenir. This role is shift-based, so it is possible to choose between morning, afternoon or both.

If you're interested please register here. We're looking forward to work with you!