Thank you SCB!

Siam Commercial Bank was established by royal charter on January 30, 1907 as the first Thai bank. The Bank has played a leading role in providing the financial services needed in Thailand, developing deep expertise. Under the vision "The Most Admired Bank,” SCB has established a Transformation strategic plan, designed to dramatically upgrade the Bank's infrastructure and enhance its long-term competitiveness. Following this strategic plan's "Going Upside Down" approach, the Bank will transform its business model and thinking throughout its human resources, work processes, products and technology, enabling breakthrough performance and creating sustainable value for our customers and society.

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They're here in Thailand!

Pythonistas! You love Sci-kit learn? PyTorch? Beeware? Django? Who are better teachers than the experts in the field?

Get all the insights from our 4 keynote speakers and other top notch speakers! 46 talks and workshops, plus other lighting talks, 3 tracks in 2 days, with party in the evening. Lots of mingling time to interact with sponsors and professionals, chances to get job opportunities and internships too!

PyCon Thailand is a community effort driven by members of the Python Community in Bangkok on a nonprofit basis. Tickets are available at 1,600 baht without tax invoice, 3,000baht with tax invoice and STUDENTS at special rate of only 600baht! Price includes the 2 day conference, lunches, coffee breaks and party.

We also provide financial support to those in need. Schools and teachers who are interested to bring your lessons out of the classrooms are welcome too.

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It’s your last chance to submit your talk!

We thank you for your great support! We have really good response this year but we’re still open for your ideas if you have not submitted yet.

Want to join our 4 keynote speakers, Adam Paszke, Katie Mclaughlin, Russell Keith-Magee and David Cournapeau on the podium to share your knowledge with the other pyconistas?

Here’s your last chance. Gather your ideas for your talk and send them to us now by 24th May 2019!

The schedule will be out real soon once we confirm our talks. If you’re not ready to present this year, join us and have a feel of how it is like at Pycon Thailand.

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Do you know what Pycon is all about?

Wonder what Pycon is all about? Here's a video on what happened last year. With more attendees, more booths, and more keynote speakers this year, we're really excited for our up-and-coming Pycon Thailand on 15 & 16 June.

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It's gone again!

All our extended early bird tickets are gone again, less than 5 days after extension. Thank you for your support! You can still grab your tickets at 1,600 baht for subsidized tickets and 3,000 baht for regular tickets. And all students out there: you can get your student tickets at 600 baht only! But we do have limited tickets too.

For those who need to submit tax claims, please note that invoices will be issued for regular tickets only.

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