PyCon Thailand Financial Support Program

PyCon Thailand is a not-for-profit organisation of volunteers pythonistas who love python and want as many to to grow the python community within Thailand. As part of that objective we want to help you if you want to be at the conference but can't afford travel or accommodation.

If you want to help us provide more financial support buy a full price ticket or sponsor.

Financial assistance is provided so those who might otherwise not be able to attend can. Please ask only for what you need in order to be able to attend the conference and highlight any opportunities you would use to save costs, such as finding cheaper accommodation further from the city (public transport provides easy access to the venue). Finally, the process tries to supports people with relatively lower incomes so that people from various locations, Python experience, and background can join the Python community.

Deadline for requests is May 31. We will notify you on or before 3rd June.

Please Note:

  1. We have a selection process and not everyone who applies will get selected

  2. We will be notify you 2 weeks before the event if you are selected

  3. Only part of your costs will be reimbursed

  4. You will be reimbursed during or after the conference

  5. We will need original receipts in order to reimburse you at the conference

Request For Financial Support Form

Request Financial Support