Wes McKinney

Modern Open Source: Challenges and Opportunities

Wes McKinney (portrait)

Wes McKinney has been creating fast, easy-to-use data wrangling and statistical computing tools, mostly in the Python programming language, since 2007. He is best known for creating the pandas project and writing the book Python for Data Analysis.

He is a PMC member of the Apache Arrow and Parquet projects in The Apache Software Foundation.

Tiwa York

Tiwa York (portrait)

Head Coach, Kaidee

Tiwa York is the Head Coach of Kaidee (a.k.a CEO). He is passionate about changing lives through trading second hand goods, startups, and building great teams.

Along with a team of 5 awesome people, Tiwa founded an online marketplace which is now known as Kaidee in 2011. Today, Kaidee is a C2C online marketplace with 200 thousand monthly sellers, listing 1.8 million items for sale and reaching 7 million people per month. In 2016, 2 million items were sold via Kaidee valued at over 2.4 billion USD.

Tiwa has been recognized for his passion, his leadership, and his efforts to build the team and culture at Kaidee. Prior to his current role, he worked in digital advertising with leadership roles in Admax Network and Omnicom Media Group.